DUET Wire PRO Antenna Preparation



Dual Interface Milling & Embedding

  • Cavity Milling
  • Antenna Preparation
  • Direct Solder
  • Wire Dressing
  • Glue Tape Lamination
  • Module Embedding
  • ATS & ATR Testing

Developed by Cardmatix, the patented Direct-Solder process drives the production of over 500 million dual interface banking cards a year.

No other process offers the RF performance, longevity, or durability of the solder connection. A direct-solder connection does not impair RF performance, and will not decay or change with time.

This is an ideal solution for manufacturing dual interface cards for banking, secure IDs and transport.

The Direct-Solder Method is the process of soldering a copper wire antenna embedded within the card body directly to wire antenna pads on the back of the dual interface module.


There are no hidden costs or complicated logistics associated with sourcing proprietary glues, inlays, or special module designs.


The direct solder process can run ten cards as economically as one million. There are no expiration dates or minimum orders quantities to consider in your pricing models.

Removable Magazines:

Attach or detach magazines for easy loading and unloading of cards.

Wire PRO Dual Interface Process

Cavity Milling

The WirePRO is equipped with three cavity milling stations to accurately expose the antenna for removal and then forming the final module cavity.

Antenna Preparation

Using vision controlled robotics, the antenna leads are QC checked and their location is sent to a robot picking device that pulls them from the module cavity in preparation for the bonding station.


Antenna leeds are direct-soldered to the dual interface module using thermal compression method. Module antenna pads are pre-soldered in a separate process.

Wire Dressing

The antenna leads are folded under the module in preparation for the embedding station

Module Embedding

The traditional process of embedding the module into the card body with a standard glue tape lamination process.


Dual Interface Module Preparation

  • Pre-Solder
  • Leveling Solder Bump
  • Glue Tape

The first step in the direct-solder process is the preparation of the dual interface modules.

Our fully automated MPM-01 prepares modules while still in tape form by first ‘tinning’ or pre-soldering the antenna connection pads.

This tinning process leaves a solder bump on the antenna pads which is milled to a consistent height for precise attachment of the antenna leeds. Traditional hot-melt glue tape is applied in the same production pass.